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"Santa's Really Getting Old" is a fun new alternative to the old standards about the recollection of the youngest boy in a family of six boys who was not really thrilled with an early present that Santa once brought to his mother.
Turns out my Grandma Coco had a hand in writing the original poem, which my mother used to recite to me and my 6 siblings at Christmas time. Several years ago, Mom asked me to put the poem to music and I finally got around to doing that.

In the Samples tab above for this song, there is a YouTube Music link to play it. It is also available for streaming on all the popular services mentioned above.

In the CD Store tab, there is also a CD with this song on it AND a second song by Sandra Lyerly called "It's Christmas Time (You're All Mine)" that she released last year. But it is such a good song I asked her to join my CD for a reprise! And - here I go again - there is also a YouTube Music link for Sandra's song and it is also available for streaming as mentioned above.

So, enjoy the holidays, these seasonal songs AND stay tuned, because I plan to start recording another album of original songs in the spring!